Add or remove language

This guide works for all CyberBukit scripts.

CyberBukit script is multiple languages ready. There are three language switchers in the script.
1. at the bottom of all front-end pages
2. at the right-top of the back-end dashboard
3. a language selector at My Profile page of each user

Here are some cases you may have.

Use English Only

The script only comes with English. The Spanish language switcher is only used for demonstration(not translated). If you only need English, you can remove the language folder located at application\language\spanish.

Add Multiple Languages

If you want to add a new language, you can copy the whole folder located at application\language\english, rename the folder to your language name, and then translate all the fields in the folder files. Please note that the folder name should be in lower case.

Once you add the language folder, it will be displayed at the language switcher.

Please note that you should always only copy the english folder, and never remove or rename the english folder.

Change the default language

The default language is English. 

You may need to change the default language after translation. Here are the steps:
1. Copy the whole folder located in application\language\english, and rename to your language name in lower case.
2. Copy the whole folder located in system\language\english, and rename to your language name in lower case.
3. Open application\config\config.php, go to line 92, replace 'english' with your own language name. Make sure it's consistent with the language's folder name. It should be in lowercase.

Please note that you should copy and then rename the english folder, instead of renaming it directly.

If the visitor changes the language, his chosen language will be displayed when he comes next time since the language option is stored in his cookie.