Payment Setting (Stripe)

Stripe Setting

1. Sign in the CyberBukit script, go to Finance -> Payment Setting -> Stripe Payment, copy the URL in 'Webhook Endpoint URL' including the slash at the end of the URL.

2. Sign in the Stripe dashboard: https://dashboard.stripe.com/login

3. Go to Webhooks at the Stripe dashboard, Click 'Add Endpoint',  paste the 'Webhook Endpoint URL'  you just copied from CyberBukit script. Add two events: 'checkout.session.completed' and 'customer.subscription.updated', it should be like the following(The version should be 2020-03-02):

Click 'Add endpoint'. You will see a successful page. Copy the 'Signing secret' in this successful page. It should be like the following:

4.  Go to Developers -> API Keys at the Stripe dashboard, you will see your 'Publishable key' and 'Secret key'. If there does not exist, create one pair and save them in a safe place.

5. Now you have got 'Publishable key', 'Secret key' and 'Signing secret', Go back to CyberBukit script payment setting page, and paste them to the Stripe's corresponding field.