CyberBukit TTS

How does CyberBukit TTS work?

TTS is short for Text-to-Speech. It is an efficient tool. You only need to type, and then a voice file will be generated automatically. There two types of voice: standard and neural. Standard voice is heard something like a robot, but neural is like a real person.

Nowadays, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure offer TTS service. The form of their services is a technical API. So you may need a tool that helps you to manage the TTS service. This is what CyberBukit TTS can do for you. Please note that CyberBukit TTS cannot do the Text-to-Speech work, the tough work is actually done by AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. So you may have extra cost in using TTS (They also offer a free tier if you don't use too much). 

You can CyberBukit TTS in these two ways :

1. Manage the TTS service of AWS or Google Cloud

CyberBukit TTS integrates with AWS Polly, Google Cloud Text-to-Speech and Microsoft Azure Service. You need to create accounts on their websites, do some proper configurations. Then you can synthesize text to voice file on CyberBukit TTS. You can also choose how to store your voice file, for example, it can be stored in your local server, AWS S3, or in Wasabi.

2. Run your own TTS SaaS business

CyberBukit TTS also comes with a user management model and a flexible pricing model. You can create multiple users and apply different charging mode. By taking advantage of the powerful cloud computing platform, you can easily start your SaaS business.