TTS resource management

This is the documentation that describes how does the TTS resource management work. The management tool is located at TTS Management -> Voice Resource.

Currently, AWS Polly comes with 29 languages and 64 kinds of voice, some of the voices have the standard and neural voice. Google Cloud Text-to-Speech comes with 42 languages and 138 kinds of voice, Microsoft Azure comes with 54 languages and 207 kinds of voice.

You need to synchronize these resources from AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure after TTS Configuration.

Click 'Sync Resource From Service Provider' and then select 'Sync From AWS Polly' or 'Sync From Google Text-to-Speech', or 'Sync From Microsoft Azure'. The process is automatic and will be done very quickly, and you will see a list of voices.

This management also comes with a few bulk tools. These help you to enable, disable, delete the resources. Furthermore, you can set accessibility of the resources as Pay-As-You-Go, or as Free. or revoke all accessibility. You can play with it before you start to use it.

Access to a specific voice, you can change the name of the voice, the name will be displayed at the user's Text-to-Speech module. All voices of AWS Polly and Microsft Azure have a real name, but Google's are all named A, B, C, D, so you may need to change.

You can also control the accessibility of each voice according to the user's package and subscription. This feature is useful if you want to run as a SaaS business.