How does the pricing model work?

CyberBukit TTS comes with a complex but flexible pricing model. It totally meets different SaaS pricing requirements. You can charge users in many ways.

1. Free service

Free service is not a good idea as you have continuous expenditure to AWS or Google. But if the script is for your own use, then you can set it free.

2. One-time purchase, lifetime use

This is the pricing model we usually see from Facebook or Google ads. Although you will have continuous expenditure, some of the users may not use too much. So maybe finally your income beats your cost. This pricing model depends on whether you have continuous new customers.

You can generally offer some standard(basic) voices for unlimited use and charge in Pay-As-You-Go or subscription model for neural voice. 

3. Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

PAYG is the most reasonable pricing model. It's the way that AWS and Google are running. Firstly, a user tops up his balance, after that he will be charged for a specific number of characters(depends on your configuration) and then he starts to use. After using up, he will be charged again if his balance is enough. At AWS and Google, they charged $4 for 1 million characters.

4. Package of a specific number of characters

Users can buy a package that includes a specific number of characters. After using up he can buy another package.

5. Subscription of a specific number of characters, or unlimited characters

Users pay monthly, quarterly or yearly for limited or unlimited use. Let's say a user pays $49 for 4 million characters monthly, after using up, he can also use through PAYG or buy a new package. Next month the subscription will be updated and he will have another 4 million characters available.

6. Mix mode

All the pricing model can be mixed together. But it may be confused for uses if it's too complex.


All the pricing models mentioned above are available in CyberBukit TTS.