CyberBukit TTS

Guideline of IBM Cloud TTS

There are several facts you may need to know about IBM Cloud Text-to-Speech.

1. IBM offers 10k free characters each month.

2. The price of IBM TTS is USD 0.02 per thousand characters, which means $20 per million characters (AWS/GCP/Azure is $16 per million characters).

3. Unlike AWS/GCP/Azure, all voices of IBM Cloud are neural and enhanced neural voices, so prices of all voices are identical.

Know more about IBM Cloud TTS? please see here:

Let's assume you already have an IBM account. Create it if you haven't.

Steps of configuration on IBM Cloud

1. Sign in IBM Cloud:

2. Click 'Create resource' at the right-top corner.

3. Search 'text to speech', click the service in the search result, make sure to click 'Text To Speech' instead of 'Speech To Text'

4. Select a location, you can select any location. A good practice is to choose the one near your server's location.

5. Select the 'Lite' plan, it's free. You will need to pay if your usage exceeds the free tier.

6. Click 'Create' at the right-bottom corner, you will be redirected to the resource page.

7. Click 'Manage' on the left sidebar, you will see the API Key and URL. which will be used in the CyberBukit TTS script.

Steps of configuration on CyberBukit TTS

Go to TTS Management -> TTS Configuration -> IBM Cloud TTS Setting, paste the ''API Key' and 'URL' you just created on IBM Cloud.

This is the end of the configuration on CyberBukit TTS.

Next step, you need to sync the TTS resource from IBM Cloud, then you will be ready to use it. See TTS Resource Management